Big Green Egg 3-Slat Composite Mates for XXL


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The new design big Green Egg Composite Mates - featuring a non-slip textured surface, a wider side profile, subtle wood-grain detailing and attractive BGE logo - provide an unmatched working and serving area for an EGG in a Nest, and are engineered to offer significant improvements over wood or plastic materials.  

As attractive as they are functional, these Mates are suitable for any outdoor conditions, and are highly resistant to:

  • UV and sunlight fading

  • Weathering or wood rot

  • Scratching, flaking or splintering

  • Discoloring or mold

  • Highly resistent to burning/melting

And unlike wood that deteriorates over time, the Big Green Egg Composite Mates maintain a consistent appearance - with no need to refinish year after year!

Big Green Egg Composite MAtes are custom molded in an oversized design to offer a larger working surface, and are constructed to the highest quality standard - choose from the standard two-slat design or the enhanced three-slat model for maximum working area.  Mates fold down when not in use, and clean up is a breeze with mild household detergents... your Mates will look like new for years to come.  Each set of Mates include L and R, with all mounting hardware!


Big Green Egg does not allow any online sales, please contact (580) 745-9306 or visit our store

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